Hello everybody!!!


Its such a pleasure to be back on blogs after a real 4 years off track:-) I mean, i kept my blogging instincts alive for quite sometime on several other blogspots and slowly found myself too preoccupied to actually sit down and blog. Thats funny, i know. Ya, but like several other excuses, i just decided to blame it on time, fate, rains, tight schedules, kids, deadlines, thunderstorms, and may be, even politics:-) for not having me let blog! Howz that for an excuse,eh?

So, now, Im here , you know why? yes, perfect guess. I exhausted all my excuses of not being able to do whatever i wanted to do.  Here, i go, in full swing, willing, happy and determined to be part of this wonderful blogging community. 

Hoping to hear from everybody who is like me, unlike me, just to be part of everything that happens around the circle of life:)..oops, that just came out without a..deliberate effort. So splease dont laugh.

Mothersarms is what i have named my blog like those other blogs which i lost in the world web so far.  I dedicate it to my two beautiful children and most lovable husband who have made me believe in myself, feel every ounce of motherhood and rejoice for having been born a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife and of all, a proud excited mother:-)

thanks all. and remember to welcome me here!!!


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