What we sow..


Let me talk this out.

A typical class room has 50 children in any school today. The parent teacher meetings are usually meant to enable the parent to learn how his child is performing at school and if there are any other concerns that need to be addressed. This is a good oppurtunity to know the teacher’s assessment about the child, identify the strenghts and the scope for improvement for the child. While, if you ask me, I would only want to get feedback to this extent and come back home, happy and  content. Ofcos, if there are any areas for improvement, I’d defintely work on those for the betterment of my children. However, it is annoying sometimes to see parents and teachers talk at length in these meetings, either ranting away endlessly about how good hi/her child is and the other, more extreme, of what a misfit the child has been. This, discussion to my shock, is indulged in front of the child!
I was a witness to one such instance, last week, when the mother of a little girl about 7 year old, had to bring out a list of complaints about the child starting from not obeying her instrucitons, watching tv all the time, not doing homework, not eating, sleeping, not reespecting grandparents and my gosh! A really wondered whether it was a policestation where someone was making a complaint copy. Ridiculous is the one right word to describe what was happening. It was heartening to see that the wide eyed child was gazing at something distant by the window as she lost interest in the never ending converstation. I only wished I had a remote control with a mute button to silence the two parties. If the child had to be dealt so unfairly by the mother and teacher, in front of an audience, which is the parents and children of the same class, what happens to the morale of the child in question, how miserable would she feel inside, that all those white crimes that she had unknowingly indulged in had to be made public just in front of her, what is the bonding that she would enjoy with the teacher/mother or friends..? Is it necessary that a mere 7 year old be put into so much a situation for just being what she is? What have the parents done in contributing to her personality and inculcating right values like respecting others, obedience etc.. if they themselves cannot understand basics of bringing up children? Shame on such parents who would let down their own children in front of the world instead of empowering these little flowers with positive outlook and right values. What we sow initially within the first 5 years is what is important as that is exactly what we are going to reap later on. Rather than just boasting of big cars and silk designer saris during parents meets, the parents should focus on what will encourage the child to perform better, be it academics, attitude grooming, skills and talent enrichment.
I think I will just stop here:-)

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