weekends, why end?


The weekends always seem to get over in a hurry as if it was never supposed to come by or it happened like a silly mistake. It’s so natural that the little ones have taken after us so much 🙂  W e are, as a whole family,  so  engrossed in lazing around the entire friday evening, then the saturday and sunday, till the sunday  evening happens much to our shock!

 Usually, I am the one who pulls the first trigger bcos its natural that the kids uniforms are not washed or ironed..not bcos I forgot about it but i remembered it all the time.  Just that I could n’t muster the courage to soak, brush, wash , add  vanish bleach, ujala stiffener, and then put it in the washing machine just as nam ke vasthe wash, the only beneft being it almost dries it fully.  I have to press all the buttons including prewash, stains, soak, double rinse..uff.. pressing buttons is also quite a pain, dont you agree?  My lilttle one, Aashi, who never misses the ads on TV, (that too, just like me:-) keeps asking me everytime ” if you have to do the entire washing, then what is the machine for” just like in the surf excel ad.  While I never answer her bcos of bad moods for having to do so much washing by myself, I keep regreting they never made the ad that way:-) Somehow, the uniforms are ready for the enitire week by sunday night or I know I cant sleep in peace.There are other woes which I need to handle by the time the uniforms are dry.  7 pm sunday evening is realisation time for my eleven year old son, and he has never missed it all these years:-) It is very predictable that he would turn to look at his school bag after I blow a noisy horn and ask if there is anything due for the big monday.  He knows, I know, Dad knows, sis knows..that it is coming our way:-) There will be a calm like after a storm, for a few hours where everybodys’ faces in the house look longer than usual. My son usually calls those butterflies inside the stomach as stomach ache as we all know it is more to do with his maths homework.  We all understand and try not to look in his direction for a few hours. By 9pm, we are all at the dinner table,n o clue about how the two hours went by in pindrop silence.  All that is done is done in two hours. I check their bags after clearing the dishes and htting the bed.  Dictation on monday, it says in Aashi’s calendar.  I sign it quietly.  I know she can handle it  all just like me!!!! 🙂

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  1. I share the same doubt as Aashi. Why do you do so much preps when the machine is there? And yaay! its Friday!! the long face can wait for another 48 hrs!

    • Well..u know white shirts never behave well. They always seek a mother’s touch and don’t settle jjust for a machine wash. I’m quite sure its the same with most of us moms!:-)

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