My UKMs..


After several months of hunting for an Ultimate Kitchen Machine, a life saving gadget for a working woman which I was sure was readily discovered and available in the market, I got hold of it this sunday!

I remember having started my hunt for this UKM (Ultimate ..u know wat:-)August last year. I kept imagining of a dream machine which could cut, chop, cook, grind, squeeze, knead and whip, all at the same time.  Let me tell was less difficult finding my life partner than this kitchne one(!)  Starting from Thangavel Nadar kadai down my street in mylapore, to the kitchen killadi shops like prestige outlets, viveks, shahs, and wahs of  this part of the city, I made it a point to explain that there is this UKM available in the market and I have seen it somewhere. Every other sunday outing, hopping into one of these stores was becoming like .. a bad habit!

Not to disappoint my hubby dear, and my kids, who alwasy have this” Oh No! not again!” expressions on their faces during all my shopping expeditions, I decided to redefine my needs.  In the past one year, I have got myself a microwave, hoping it would give me chat phat solutions in the mornings.  Btw, it does, bcos, nowadays, I have got into this addiction of putting in all my sambar, rasam and curry in and out of the MW atleast once, for my own gratifaction. Somehow, it gives me a real high in the kitchen and proves that I am much smarter (than you know who!!!  :).  Soon after that, I found out that it is not the actual cooking which is no big deal bcos..anyway, I have this 4 burner gas stove, where I could just put four different things and get it all done in a single shot; but its  the chopping of vegetables that takes a lot of time.  So, there I go and get my Vegetable chopper, a cute little hassle free gadget. Just press, and there you get those onions, carrots, etc chopped like in a few seconds. But the fact of the matter is, carrots get done too finely and loose out taste when you make the curryYou cannot put in beans, avarekkai or kotthavarangai , ofcos, not lady’s finger or brinjals either! The only chopping it serves is onions:-) There, I go all over again and all resolved to get that UKM from wherever it is available. In the meantime, I did not want to say no to the Induction stove, which came at a special price for a group of us at  office from a known vendor. C’mon, what’s the big fuss..anyway it will come in handy on a “no-gas day”.

I  hunted a few other stores again and I was introduced to this fascinating “11 attachments” food processor! I decided that ‘s exactly what I wanted.  All chopping, juices, kneading everything in a single gadget! Ultimate,is what  I thought. I got different prices quoted for different models/makes and it was so cool to hear what it could do untill..until I went to another store where the guy told me he would give it to me at  half the price  bcos there were really no takers!  Hubby dear made a face. “Never take anything which comes free..lets take some more time” he threatened. I meekly surrendered.  I realised, all the chopiing that it can do will only be onions again. carrots, beans may be too finely chopped and may not taste like what my kids are used to. Again, washing so many tiny blades is a pain. How about an easy knife and a smart white cutting board? simple , no dependency on power or abilities:-). If  I cant chop, I can quietly pass it on to hubby dear and say “please” . Where as if it is a machine, then the whole world thinks i do not need any help.  Using gadgets seem to be more cumbersome than the actual 30 minute cooking that I do everymorning.  The only thing I cant do is the boring Sathukodi juice, which he has been reslentlessly doing all by himself since the day I gave up:-). 

we went again this sunday bcos Hubby dear felt there’s a need for a Juicer, defintely:-) There, we went all over the place hunting again. I inssited that there’s a Juicer which can take citrus as well as other fruits  but to our utter dismay, we found out ” JUICER MEANS PURELY CITRUS JUICER OR PURELY NON CITRUS JUICER”  is what we got to hear.  we couldnt decide as to which is more for us, whether we would require a juicer which can take all fruits, whether we really make so much juice on everyday basis or whether the kids really take all the fruit juices to school everyday! The price range for juicers was from 500 to 3000.

After much thought, we  settled for a rs.600  citrus juicer which is totally uncomplicated, looks like just the citrus squeezer we normally use ( yes the plastic one) but with an electric connection so you can get the juice with some power, without much strain and stress. It looks real simple to clean as well. no high funda, no nonsense, as simple and straightforward as it can be.

Now, I have them all, United Ultimate Kitchen Machines..microwave, induction, chopper, juicer, mixer grinder and four burner stove. I realise the only way to make life easy in the morning is to chop the veggies at night and store it in the fridge for cooking in the morning. Or, yet another wasy of getting it done is get help with the chopping from you know who:-)

Simple and sweet:-)



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