Parent Pleasure


There is a splurge of contentment and supreme bliss, one in being a parent and more so, if something very significant is going to take place in your child’s life. I say this with a lot of joy in my voice because this is how I have felt so many times deep inside my heart everytime my children take most important steps in their life. Be it the first time my son had his happy shower at home in the hands of his inexperienced mother, the first time he had bananas- his first solid food, the first time I got his baby sister home and they both lay on either side of me making our family a complete one, the first yellow frock with laces that my daughter was wearing to get her first vaccine- the first time that we took her out of home, the first day my son stepped into play school and looked back at me from the door, school admission for my daughter, which was a cake walk because of her assured sibling seat, the first bicycle my son fell in love with, my daughter’s first pattu pavadai for her first bday gifted by her ever loving periamma! The list is endless in my mind and these little pleasures have given me so many moments of joy, filled my heart to the brim and had it overflowing with pride whenever I looked into my husband’s eyes!
I never imagined parenthood means so much! This feeling is at the peak when I see them snuggle into thier Dad’s warm arms and make the most of his lavish love extracting promises to buy them all those sweet little nothings during the weekend. They enjoy the pretentious envy in my eyes when Im refused my share of goodies and they get to have all that they wish:-) And that is exactly what I wish too.
With the size of clothes shrinking all of a sudden, I am caught in amusement as to how they both have grown so much right in front of my eyes, straight of my lap. iam all excited and geared up to take them from childhood to this precious most memorable pre teen hood:-). My son is now ready for his upanayanam, the most sacred duty of parents for their son. I wish him the best from all worlds and pray for my parents to bless him from heaven for a noble and wise life filled with happiness, love, wisdom and success.
What more can a mother wish for her dear one?

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