Brand New Year!!!


” New” is always it clothes, slippers:-), bags, jewellery, a new year, new resolutions, well,why not? I have always had fascination and an “open” secret craving for new things.  This new year, I have an interesting resolution.  It is .to be a silent talk less and observe more.  Happy to share what I happened to observe while commuting by the local train last evening:

A lady talks to someone over phone using her hands free ear plugs:

” Enna da, have you reached home”.. following some response on the other side

“Yeruma madu.konjam kuda..” following some response

“Ennaku theriyum. Shut up!” and hangs up.

The whole compartment observes a deafening silence.  All of a sudden, I hear a voice across the half length  metal  separator,  from the general compartment.  A guy speaks ..over a hands free ..

” Enna kozhuppa?”

“Nee daan sariyaana …”

“Enna Enna enna panuve??”

Pindrop silence for a minute.

All the ladies sitting in one row exchanged secret glances and a smirk without catching the eyes of the lady speaker or attracting the attention of the guy next compartment:-) . We couldnt laugh out aloud fearing the same treatment of words showered on us by either parties.

Observation: If you use hands free ear phones be assured that the whole world is observing your conversation.  High risk of people looking at you like a …no just meanta simple  weirdo 🙂

Inference: If you still want to talk effortlessly, talk only in a foreign language or atleast be sweet to the person on the other side.

Resolution: never to buy the hands free.. its ok to still hold the phone and stop by to talk than be popular for this.  Also,very important… to stop observing and start talking more:-)



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