This is me!


I am smitten by a strange bug! Dont help me here, please.

By now, I have got so used to it that I cant identify myself without it.  It is not visisble on the surface though! Iam referring to some die hard viral inside me which never die come what may.  They have grown into my system all over and refuse to be flushed out  inspite of any amount of ..resolutions, advices, judgements and punitive actions. 

Let me tell you what these viruses are..

One strong virus is called “never give up”.  While this keeps me going, I dont like it much.  Whenever I want to really stop trying hard, (really), or when anybody else would have given up, I cannot.  This virus tell me ” keep cant leave”.  The next one is called ” What next”.  This is more dangerous than an earthquake.. bcos, whenever there is something which goes out of control, overboard, the virus keeps giggling inside, calling out” what next”. This is terrible.  Who wants to be prepared, so much? At such times, I can imagine myself taking form of a strange kind of creature, wriggling inside a dark hole and still not afraid. Bad, i know!

The last and the most terryfying virus is the ” This is me”.  What it does is, it puts out a  front overtly brave and declares the level I can go if I feel right about something.  There are  no two ways, and my mind just spontaneously decides “this is me”.  The outcomes, i dont care bcos of the other two viruses and they really do their part well.

I am sure, after describing the viruses so much in detail, no one will come forward to help me destroy the virus.  You know what, now I feel “dont give up” and then, “What next” .  I dont care or need any one to help me do anything really.  I just need everybody to be doing what they are supposed to be and not in anyway try helping me.  I am not helpless.  My viruses will take care.  “this is me”


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