“Stereotypes?” Nahi chalega!..


My little angel does look more than an angel to anyone who meets her forr the first time.  Her eyes and smile are so wide that it will take a while for one to come out of it to know what she is capable of.  She is one of a kind for sure, who has a deal-with-life kind of attitude, totally pragmatic, no sentimental or emotional frills attached.

What I learn from the little Dare devil(DD)is to beware of gender stereotyping. 

” Aashi, if you wear anna’s clothes all the time, and dont wear skirts, people will think you are a boy”. 

 DD responds,” Thats okay with me!” 

“You are old enough to help me clean the house, arrange the dishes and a lot of things at home. ” 

DD gi ves me back” Anna is older than I.

 You can ask him to help first”

Poor Amma, ” If you dont let me wash your hair, you will never have long hair like the girl in the shampoo ad”

DD  handles it..,” Anyway, I am not gonna act in any shampoo ad.  I dont mind my hair short”

Amma, “Im gonna ask appa to buy me a scooty so that I can drop

 you at paatu class”

DD suggests ” I think you should just buy it yourself.  You have your

own ATM card.”

Im sure she is just the material for

 ” stereotypes..nahi chalega!”


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