What goes around, comes around..


Its amazing how the world around us functions on a given day. Sometimes, i feel i am standing at the centrifugal point where only I stand still and every other object around me keeps revolving.
I have felt this so many times as some episodes, some scenaries, some objects, some faces..these keep crossing me more than once. I keep thinking it is only my perception, some mirage, or that my mind is hallucinating these either out of craving for these or the paranoea of experiencing these all over again.
Nowadays, I have stopped disbelieving myself, more so, my inner self. As i cross the next stage in my life, i humbly accpet that i am growing older, more capable and mature. I cannot drool in self doubt all the time that what i see may not be …not what is not. Infact, what i see is what i get to see and interpret. More work now for the brain to process the RDBMS and capture the result in a nutshell. And, I have to accept logic.
I can now understand what the book “games people play” is meant for. If not as much as the writer, i think, i have atleast arrived at a point where I know why people play some games, how they do, what they get and why they will not stop. Even more interesting is how people, to satisy the hunger of a unique kind will do anything to just get that unique satisfaction or thrill. Sometimes, it may be a personal sense of victory, false pride or the final ego, which refuses to accept reality.
I have seen people who constantly brag about themselves, their choices, their supremacy over the enire human race. These brags, i have seen last only for some time and slowly lack lustre when repeated too many times. People stop their intial adoration and soon start ignoring such dummies.
Some people who are straight dealers- they dont assume airs for anything which is really their big deal. Thhey believe in moving on with life as though if they had not done the big deal, someone else would certainly have done it, and even better. so, these sincere types have no big luggage to carry and they take life as it comes, cool, calm and dedicated in whatever they have prioritised. Thses people, I know are usually cheerful and determined to achieve their goals and do not attach fame or popularity as their ultimate objectives. They are ok even to miss one or two credits if it does not come its way.No cribbing policy.
Some people, by way of their upbringing or situations, always harper a feeling that the world is full of vice elements and they would be either beaten or burried with no traceswhile competing to achieve something in life. They always find excuses for not being able to make it somehow and attribute most trivial reasons as factors that contributed to their action. Such people fail to believe that the whole world has better things to do than to sit in awe and monitor them all the time. It is a pity that instead of live and let live, they take the route dont live and dont let live. For them, they will be happy only as long as things happen in their stride but will not be able to assimilate what they could have done better.
At the end of my mini thesis, i only feel, there is only one truth that is all peravasive and that is.. “what goes around, comes around” sometimes in several mulltiples, sometimes in minute particles. We do not have any control over this process as long as the earth spins around its orbit and the world functions with human beings as the main cast and every other thing is only designed to support the main cast.


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