Nithya meets Sathya..


What a classified column on a local news paper can do to someone is if i could call it “lifechanging” by all standards.

From finding a local caterer deliver food at your doorstep on a no-mood-to cook saturday to finding houses on rent/sale in your local area to what not. Other benefits you reap out of a free tabloid newspaper which is thrown at your doorstep every weekend, as though it was worth nothing, is really amazing. I remember finding out a lot of important information on these papers including the music classes, swimmning classes for the kids, house on rent near the school, the local secondhand goods dealer’s contact, tution for maths, wastepaper mart guy, the hobby classses on the offer, summer camps, the temple utsavam details and schedules in the vicinity, the legends who live close by, the awards conferred on people whom you really should know live next door,and much much more.

My one best, out of world benefit that the humble free newsprint gave me was when i learnt making jewellery through a contact on this paper and then i put up a classified ad only to receive several responses and a good number of them enrolling for the classes.

 Another good thing that happened to me recently bcos of the newspaper is the driving classes that i have enrolled in. If i had not seen the classified ad which said ” driving class- two -four wheelers- pick and drop arranged”, wow, i would never have ventured out to go all the way and learn something as important as driving, as it would be an agony going to class everyday:-)

 So here i go, Sathya teaching Nithya to drive to my own world of liberated women:-) i can go zigzag on the scoooty pep, cross signals without road fear and smile sweetly at a traffic police even if im on the wrong side and claim that im a new kid on the roads to glory! OhH! wat a feel…is what you feel when you ride a two wheeler for the first time in your life, although till yesterday you were one person sans any direction/road sense… And now, im all geared up to learn gears on the four wheeler, as a tolerant  Sathya, teaches me baby steps on the road, patiently and contributes to my whole new independent self!

Though a law graduate, Satya  is passionate about her driving instincts and strikes an instant chord of friendship with the young women who enrol for the classes with her. She completes the driving class with a gala lunch treat as a grand finale for her students who see her more as a friend than an instructor! Wat a way to do it, lady! Hats off to  her  passion as she fills the city with a lot of women driving the man machines:-)


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