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Books can read one’s mind..


Whoever said books and dogs are man’s best friends..indeed they are.  Several times it has happened to me that what runs in my mind is what I somehow get to read in an article on a news paper or some magazine or a self-indulged novel. 

And, yes, as for dogs,  i really have no experience but can vouch from hearsay experience that they are worth falling in love, ..i m  sure many agree.

My recent books from the half price sale at Landmark were 3 interesting books, out of which 2 are first time authors and the third one is by Sudha Murthy. I enjoyed all three, and could realate, recognize and appreciate where all the three authors were coming from.

” Gently falls the Bakula” was my best pick, presented in a typical indian village setting, in the state of Karnataka, with a simple rustic charm of the bakula flowers, it is really worth a good read. The central characters slowly shift to the metro life of Mumbai.  It examines how their love life starts from the adolescent age and then slowly garduates, culminating into a deep emotional bond and marriage. Deeper inside, it dwells on how the girl, shrimathi, even though much more intelligent and capable than the guy, is slowly pulled into sacrificing her own interests, passion, ambitions in life inorder to play the role of “the lady behind the successful man”. Eventually, she realises that her hero has only used up her entire life, her skills and shrewdness in building his own career, ignoring or even failing to even acknowledge that she too was quiet capable of being even more mightier than he had become. He had merely been a chauvinist, a despot and an ordinary minded guy, forgotten the very fact that Shrimathi’s intelligence, decisiveness and her simplicity were the very  reasons for his falling in love with her. Had she been even a little selfish, she would have established herself in higher position in life and proved her worth.

It is even more interesting to read how Shrimathi battles within herself to assimilate the “mere”ness of her existence.  Finally, she reaches the stage where all her decisiveness and clear thiniking helps her become stronger inside and she decides to stand up on her own feet, to pursue what she was passionate about. Although, the realisation dawns on her very late in life, she chooses to go ahead, daring to not bother about soceity or too many people and how much  a blow it would be for the guy, for whom she had pledged more than half her life, youth, intelligence and passions. Good read, good learning. Books can read too, for sure!