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Same questions, different answers


I dont know how else to explain this phenomenon. Read on and nod along if this happens at your home, all the time:-)

6:30 am: come, have your milk both of you.

Dudu: Ma, give it to me in a cup(he has one special, no one can touch)

Ashi: tumbler and davara

8am: what do you want for lunch?

Dudu: veg rice,less veg or tomato rice less tomato

Ashi: chapathi, one cheesed, one veg

3pm: Did you finish the lunch at school?

Dudu: no chance. you put too many veg

Ashi:  i finished, why so less cheese ma?

5pm: what happened in school today?

dudu: oh? nothing much. History  teacher put us to sleep

Aashi: You know wat, teju’s mom is unwell, her dad made lunch. Tushar’s bday today and yet he was having a tiff with the math teacher. Princi made announcements about some prizes for seniors today. Shailaja miss told me that I have grown taller. I hate my best friend, mom! Aishu is better really…

 stoppp!!! :-(.. ok, have your evening tiffin and milk

Dudu: Dosa with sambar or chutney. no.. tomato sauce

Ashi: For me Dosa with cheese.., little milagai podi( chilli powder ), pls no sambar

There is some chocolate in the fridge

Dudu: i want the white bar

Ashi: ehh.i want only (brown) chocolate

Do you have some homework?

Dudu: I want to do some painting:-).  dont ask me read books to improve my..watever



Ashi: i want to read my comic. I dont want to draw that diagram in my science book:-(

Ok, now what do you want to have for dinner?

Dudu: ma, anything..watever ..curd rice, with curd:-)

Ashi: ma, noodles? no no, pasta, no something else?

– poor mommy!