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It’s big word..trust me!


The biggest word,in my dictionary, (which I confess has only simple words :-)), is the word “trust”. Infact, its  the most dense, with a lot of  intrinsic meaning, and is worthy of giving it some serious deliberation. I m sure  that the amount of meaning the word signifies  cannot be detailed in any Websters of the world.  This word originates from the time of birth, and seeps into our blood cells all by itself.

As soon as the first cry of hunger is uttered, it generates several molecules of trust into our blood stream. The result is the “trust” that the mother would satisfy the hunger of the  new-born.  Then, the trust clings to the father as well.  The child trusts that the father is the supreme protector.  The child grows enough feather to  feel the outside world where he meets  several others but develops a “trust” in a few friends as his own, as partners in good and bad. After some time, the attraction to the opposite sex drives him/her to  trust someone who  becomes the natural partner. Now, everything from here till one’s end is based on “trust”. Sometimes, this is so glorious that it can make life a bed of roses and till the end, the “trust” keeps you upswing, happy, content to enjoy every moment of life, come what may! Real trust lasts a life-time, stands by you in some form to hold you upright in the most testing times, and can be felt deep inside.

Yet sometimes, “Trust” is mistaken, pampered, adulterated, altered, taken for granted,  to satisfy one’s own motives, needs.  Infact sometimes, “Trust” misleads, blinds you from inside and you do not realise the basis of so much of overdose till you arrive at a dead-end. 

Infact, if you attach some more thought i this direction, you will perhaps agree that “trust” itself is very a tricky and intelligent word. If there is really a well-meaning “trust” then it should only be  something which lets you be what you are, live for yourself, live by yourself wholly, without demanding you to be  a good this, a good that! (apply as required:-))  We should be the moderators of the “trust” factor within us, about what, who, why, how much and when this should come into picture.  The minute it gets spilt over like dirty wine, overflowing from a good-looking glass is when you realise that someone else was moderating the “trust” factors for you, and actually you never felt it yourself. Then, you keep getting tempted till you taste it for yourself, realise it was murky, and break the beautiful glass for no fault of it!   Trust me !!!