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Its in the genes, I guess!!!


My little girl, though now 8 years old, not sounding any little by the way, does exactly what little girls will be doing  at her age, and a little more!!!

 I remember sticking up posters in the so called “my room” as a teenager, including George Michaels, Tom cruise, Aamir and Salman of yesterdays, while my elder sister in her later teens pinned up Ravi sastry, and mind you, no where near my area!!! Either she felt I was too much carried away by some external influences at school as I had hardly understood Hollywood movies or hardly listened to GM except… when I visited my friend’s place. That was enough for a teenager, wasn’t it?  Anyway, Ravi sastry, according to her must have sounded more down to earth, “veryvery Indian andvery very cool”( remember the suzuki samurai ad those days???) Anyway, its a different story that she confessed recently that I introdurced her to the first ever English songs in our lives..( Last night I dreamt of San pedro..) Eppidi??(howz that???)

Coming back to the present generation(!), my little one seems to be on a perpetual poster ottifying(sticking) spree and has covered her almirah(good old godrej storewell, which she has comfortably vacated me out of!)with a collection of her short sweet write-ups, “I cant draw well like him” sounding drawings, messages for the world like save earth and water and ofcos, her hearthrobs of the season, Sinshan, Hanuman and Chota Bheem pictures all over it. She can never settle for one as her favourite from the three, btw(LOL!!!).

 One more inheritance from my sister and myself( i.e genes) that she has shown promising pride is the art of writing poems.   Im sure, as my 11 year old son rightly points out..” By now, tinkle will close shop for the number of poems and “never-short” stories this little lady brat seems to be uploading on to their site”

The little one would just not bother but relentlessly does what she wants to be doing.  All in the genes, eh? I can see my sister smile with me:-)